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() [frəʊ]

Etymology 1

From frá ‘from’.


  1. From; away; back or backward. In modern English used only in the set phrase to and fro ‘back and forth’.

Etymology 2

A shortening of afro.


  1. An afro (hairstyle).

Etymology 3


  1. A contraction for foreigner used by Abitibians (North-West Quebecers).

Extensive Definition

Fro may refer to:
  • "Fro", slang for Afro, a hairstyle in the form of a big puff or ball
  • fro, the ISO 639 code for the language Old French
  • José Roel Lungay, a priest widely known as Fro (for Father Roel)
  • Fro-Internet-Slang, a garbled internet term which basically means 'for'
  • Fro, as in the phrase "to and fro" referring to back and forth
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

a rebours, a reculons, against the grain, anticlockwise, arear, ass-backwards, astern, away, back, backward, backwards, counterclockwise, hindward, hindwards, in reverse, rearward, rearwards, retrad, widdershins
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